What makes us more suited for your needs than others? We are focused on virtual and real world asset creation. Our expertise lies in:

  • Highest quality concept art and asset creation for VFX and game industries. Our talented artists are exclusively veterans of top VFX studios, such as ILM, MPC, Framestore, Double Negative and Weta. We do modeling, texturing and lookdev, within style set by you, and following industry standards and your own technical requirements. We're the missing link between hiring a full-fledged VFX facility and a freelance artist. 
  • One off's and short-run 3D printing and manufacturing. We utilize wide range of 3D printers, therefore depending on your requirements, both large as well as small, intricately detailed objects can be achievable. We pride our-self on quality, all models go through the quality checks, look professional and have no tell-tale signs of 3D printing, such as layering and other artifacts. Corporate gifts, action figures, toys and prototypes are all our thing! We create your product from A to Z, starting from design to post processing and paint.
  • Customized jewelry design. Small batch and custom, personalized jewelry design. Our jewelry is cast in 925 sterling silver and other precious metals upon request. No matter if your style is hard rock, minimalist or you need a unique, modern engagement ring, we can do it for you. To check out our current products please proceed to the Store. 
  • Fine art and objects of interest. We produce unique sculptures for sale and work on commission basis, as well. Please proceed to the Store to see what we currently have on offer or contact us for commissioned piece requests.
  • Mentorship and lectures We're quite involved with students. We give lectures and master classes at VFX and animation studios as well as art schools. We also provide private tutoring courses and demo reel reviews.

We're always on the lookout for interesting projects, please don't hesitate to contact us and we promise to always respond within 12 hours. Whenever we can't be the solution for you ourselves, we will always push you in the right direction or connect with our partners. Contact us!